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No More Useless Diets. it’s time to Wake up!

If you could change any two things about your health starting NOW what would they be?

We asked 100 people that question and the two most common responses were:

1) “Lose weight.”
2) “Have more energy.”

Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have the time to overhaul our diets, work out five times a week, and get more sleep. We need a much more convenient approach. That’s where Skinné comes in. With just two servings per day (two ounces each) you can kick start your day into gear and feel immediate results.

Skinné is a safe and affordable way to help burn calories and increase energy…. and it tastes great!

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Skinné’s ingredients:

CLA Oil Omega 6 B Vitamin, energy increase Garcinia Cambogia; Suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning Chromium picolinate, Decreases sugar cravings, regulates blood sugar control Rhodiola 300 MG, Decreases cortisol, increases energy without a buzz Magnesium Calmative

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No More Bootcamps. No More Tasteless Meals. No More Diet Re-Lapse

One of the easiest ways to create better health

is by substituting a fatty meal with a healthy one. Unfortunately, most “healthy products” just don’t taste that good… until now.Forget about blending chalky tasting shakes. Get rid of those sawdust texture packaged meals.Get ready for a revolutionary new idea in the health and wellness industry.

We are proud to introduce Fuel, only one gram of sugar, 25 grams of protein and packed with vitamins.

Easy to grab. Fulfilling. Healthy. Delicious.

Fuel is packed with all the protein, fiber, vitamins, and nutrients you need without all the fat, carbohydrates, and “bad stuff”. You can substitute it for any meal of the day. The best part is the TASTE.

We sampled 100 people with Fuel and here were just some of their comments:
“Easy to drink”
“Fills my dessert cravings”

If you are ready to take your health and your taste buds to the next level then Fuel is for you. Just drink a Fuel when the Automatic Body system tells you to and see the immediate results!

One case (24) Fuel


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Fuel’s ingredients:

Protein from Whey concentrate Apple Pectin Fiber Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D 25% Vitamin K Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin E Niacin 25% Calcium Riboflavin Magnesium Chromium Zinc

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No More Bootcamps. No More Tasteless Meals. No More Diet Re-Lapse

Energy drinks are the fastest growing beverage in America. We decided to create our own for one reason and one reason only. We like them too!

If we were going to keep drinking them, we wanted to make sure they only contained what we thought they should. We wanted to make sure that if someone liked drinking energy drinks they only drank the highest quality ones possible.

We wanted you to have instant access to the world’s most powerful ingredients without all the harmful stuff like 15 spoonfuls of sugar.

If you are excited about drinking a healthy AND powerful energy drink then Energé is perfect for you. Get your Energé on with Automatic Body!

One case (24) Energé


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Energé’s ingredients:

Withania 200mg Rhodiola 200mg Astragalus 150 mg Panax Ginseng 100mg Schizandra 100mg Taurine 1000mg Guarana Seed Extract 200mg D-Ribose 50mg Inositol 100mg Choline Chloride 45 mcg Vitamin C 300mg Riboflavin 100mg Niacin 100mg Vitamin B6 100mg Folate 800mcg Vitamin B12 100mcg Biotin 300mcg Pantothenic Acid 100mcg


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